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Deductions for business meals

Deductions for business meals and entertainment expenses require you to jump through a couple extra hoops to qualify as deductible and they may be subject to limitations. Nevertheless, if you pay careful attention to rules outlined below, the expenses should qualify...

How long to retain income tax records?

How long should you retain your personal income tax records? You may have to produce those tax records if the IRS or a state taxing authority audits your return. In addition, lenders or other parties may require that you produce copies of your tax returns as a...

LLC: a popular entity choice

The LLC is becoming a popular entity structure.  Today we discuss some of the major reasons it might be appropriate for a business to operate as a limited liability company. A limited liability company (LLC) is somewhat of a hybrid entity in that it can be structured...

Home Office Deduction

Are you eligible for a home office deduction?  If you're self-employed and work out of an office in your home, and if you satisfy the strict rules that govern those deductions, you may be entitled to above-the-line business expense deductions for the following: the...

Winter Tax Update

This winter tax update is a summary of important tax developments that have occurred in the past few months that may affect you. If you would like to know more about how any of these developments please Contact Us On December 13, President Obama signed into law the...

Employee or Independent Contractor?

Employee or independent contractor?  The question of whether a worker is an independent contractor or employee for federal income and employment tax purposes is a complex one. It is intensely factual, and the stakes can be very high. If a worker is an employee, the...

Income Tax Developments – 2016 update

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Here's to a prosperous and healthy 2017! The following is a summary of some of the important income tax developments that have occurred in the past few months that may affect you, your family, your investments, and your livelihood. Please call us for...

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